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21-st student’s bulletin BUDO of MSLU

Статья добавлена 10/October/2009

21-st student’s bulletin BUDO of MSLU

Our life measures not by the breaths and the exhalations made,
but by those moments when happiness takes our breath away.


Wushu – a system of Chinese martial arts, which includes self-defence, sport, show, spiritual and physical development.



Undoubtedly, nowadays it’s very important for everybody to be able to protect himself. Wushu will help you! Besides, if you wish, you have an opportunity to gain skills in handling of different kinds of weapon: sword, pole, bow, knife, nunchaku, sabre etc.

(photo: Training in the fresh air)
             Also, you can take part in different activities during the academic year. Annually, festivals of traditional martial arts and systems of health improvement  are held, TAOLU competitions. In spring combined teams from our university can participate in May tourist gathering, which is held every year.

Of course, we know how to spend our holiday actively. In warm and cold weather we get out in a forest  to check up and improve our skills of survival.

(photo: Tourist gathering 2009. Song contest.)

In spring and summer we go to campaigns in forests with the purpose for training in the fresh air and perfecting ourselves.

Our own correspondent in China Chsherbakov Dmitry will tell us the most interesting news from the Heavenly Empire.


(photo: Vietnamese martial arts and systems of health improvement festival)


Those who became interested we invite to Wushu section .  :o)

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The photographer, the editor: Alesenko T.A.



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